Thursday, February 01, 2007


I looked up from the computer out my window this morning, and saw fat flakes of snow drifting down. One good thing about this: snow means the temperature has risen, and we've had enough -35-with-windchill days to last me until next winter.
The card is one I made for a challenge on one of the online stamping groups to which I belong. We were to do a card with stitching on it. Buttons are the one sewing craft I've managed to conquer. So that's what I did, made a sunflower with a button centre. However, the scan didn't produce a good image, since the button kept the lid from closing properly. I even covered the scanner with a blanket, to no avail. Therefore, it's hard to see the flowerpot and the word, "Friendship" stamped on it. Oh, well, on to the next stamping challenge!


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