Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yes, that's my balcony. No, it's not my balcony this morning. Imagine it with a thin layer of icy snow, no chairs, and you've got my balcony this morning.
The cats, however, did make--both of them--a brief sortie. It was Rascal, the one in the foreground, who ventured out yesterday. Fripon joined him this morning. That's equivalent to seeing the first robin elsewhere.
It's now afternoon, and I can say that it has been a most beautiful day. The cats kept asking to go out, spending only a few minutes at a time, but so glad to be able to get out into the sunshine.

The card is from a challenge by one of the online stamping groups I belong to. We were to make a card using a picture of us as children. Next, everyone tried to match the "then" images to the "now" person, which was difficult, since not many post their real pics as avatars. It was fun to make the card, and to see what everyone else did with their picture. I made another card with my picture, using different colours and embellishments, and sent one to each granddaughter. In case you didn't guess, that's my mom with me.

Have a great evening, everyone.


Birdbrain said...

Kathleen, yours was the easiest for me!

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