Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Blog, New Challenge

I've started a new blog for my journaling, so for those of you who just have to keep up, click on this link below to view new pages:
The new theme from Green Pepper Press Street Team has been posted for September. My interpretation of the theme is "Living Passionately." I try to do everything with passion, be it washing the dishes or singing, because I’m convinced that everything one does makes the world a better or worse place.

Singing would have to be at the top of my list of passions. For the story on that, see the August 22 entry in this blog.
Next has to be cats. They've been in my life since my birth, and I can't imagine not having one to greet me when I come back from an excursion. The following poem I wrote in 1990 is an indication of my feelings for cats.


A cat with a question
Came to my door,
I understood, I speak Siamese.
A window ledge among some plants,
Someone to come when she calls,
Won’t interfere with her nap.
I invited her in
And gave her the bowl
I reserve for potentates.
She likes my tuna
And my mohair,
Doesn’t mind
If I sit in her chair.
The wonder is--
Out of all the neighborhood,
She chose me!

These are my current companions: Fripon, the alert one, and the more relaxed Rascal. "Fripon" is the French for "rascal". They're littermates, half Persian, half Abyssinian. Fripon has all the characteristics, including body and eye shape, of the aloof Persian, and Rascal has the energetic nature and body/eye conformity of the Abyssinian.
On to Passion #3: Optimism! Not the kind of optimism which refuses to see the evil in the world, but the kind which believes that good is stronger than evil, love overcomes hate. Good and love don’t win every battle, but they will win the war.
The journal page on “music”, below, explains why I believe this, why I remain optimistic midst all the turmoil in todays world.
Some people say that if there is a God, he must not love us, or he wouldn’t let natural disasters destroy lives, or people to carry out evil plans. These people forget about the free will with which God has endowed us. He will not force us to do his will, but always brings some good from the evil we do. The stories of heroism which came out of the horrible tragedy of September 11, 2001, and the acts of love and caring after the destruction of the 2004 tsunami are some examples of good from evil.
I could talk about some of my other passions; friends, knitting, stamping, reading, for instance, but you’d probably fall asleep, if you haven’t already, so these three will suffice.