Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter Weekend

December 2, 2006
I woke up this morning to a more familiar Québec winter scene: several inches of snow on the ground and wild, howling winds. Only one of the cats even asked to have the patio door opened, and what he felt and saw sent him running for a cozy nest. That was Rascal. Fripon, who's usually first at the morning door, hung back, observing his brother's reaction from the safety of the piano leg's stout shelter. I invited him to come, but he gave me a look only a cat can summon, and went to inspect his dinner dish. The weather icon on my desktop tells me it's presently 28F, with a wind-chill factor of 12F.
Yesterday afternoon in the checkout lineup at my local video/DVD rental, the lady in front of me, checking out my armload of DVDs and sensing a kindred spirit, laughed and said she wasn't going to venture out this weekend. I laughed back and added that all we needed was to stock up on junk food, and we'd have it made.
Part of my DVDs was a collection of never-opened Pink Panther cartoons I was buying. They'll be in my luggage for sharing with my family in France over the holidays. I'm not sure the granddaughters have ever had the privilige of seeing the one and only Great and Clever Pink Catness.
One regret about the video rental place; I missed a chance to mention to the kindred spirit in front of me that I would, indeed, be venturing out at least once this weekend. Sunday, I'll bear whatever God in His infinite weather-wisdom seeks to throw at me, and go to church. What's a bit of ice and snow, after all, in the face of Infinite Love?
Wherever you are, and whatever your circumstances, I wish you a great day.