Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring doth cometh???

Outside my window, the sun is shining gloriously again, and although the snowbanks are still piled high, one has reason to believe in spring!

Another sign; one of the two cats ventured out onto the balcony this morning, in spite of the thin layer of icy snow still there. He walked around, shaking each paw after it touched down, but stayed out for a good....two minutes.

The cats are better than any thermometer for telling me how many layers I need to put on before venturing out for a walk. When I open the patio door for them, and they squeeze their eyes, shake their ears, turn and run for a cozy spot, I don't need the weatherman to tell me the windchill factor! Today, then, I have no excuse for not going out and walking in the sun.

The ATCs were done for a swap whose theme was "Ageless Beauty". I did do one on cats, but wasn't satisfied with it. I wish you all a great day, or restful evening, wherever and whenever you are!


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