Monday, February 12, 2007

Relief at Last!

It actually climbed above O (F) today! If I had been clear of Flu symptoms, I would've gone out to celebrate, but still had a touch. However, a friend and I plan to have breakfast out tomorrow, and I'll celebrate then.
Just listened to the news before writing this, and heard that some states and (Canadian) provinces are considering banning i-pod listening on the street, because accidents have happened to pedestrians too absorbed by their music to pay attention to traffic. One person interviewed on the subject said he used his i-pod to shut out the world around him.
I also like to listen to music without distractions, but at home or in a theatre, not while I'm out walking. Whether I'm walking on a street or on the quiet nearby wooded walking path, there are far more interesting and beautiful things to see than any portable sound system could provide for me. Many of the sights and sounds I encounter on my walks provide subjects for stories, essays, conversations, ATC and card creation. Where would my inspiration come from if I withdrew from the life around me?
Granted, not everything I see is uplifting or beautiful, but to catch the golden moments, I need to be aware and waiting, or I will miss golden moments. Moments such as the flight of a Golden Hawk, which startled me as I walked on the wooded path I mentioned above. A Golden Hawk, flying over my head to settle on a branch a few feet away, in hearing of early-morning traffic! The music of his wings and the sight of his proudly held head can't be replaced in my memory by any amount of canned music!


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