Monday, February 05, 2007

05 February 2007 Pardon My Bag

When I first heard of teabag folding, I thought of folding printed paper to make a personalized envelope for a teabag. What an original mind, eh? I finally learned what it really was, as the ATCs here reveal.

Apparently, it started out with some clever people who thought the decorated teabag envelopes were too pretty to throw away. They were right! When the folding caught on, other clever people started printing paper especially for teabag folding. Mine represent a very basic fold, but there are more complicated ones, which, someday, when I've mastered the basics, I may attempt.

Whatever one's level, teabag folding, scrapbooking, ATC and card making, are all good excuses to stay inside on such a day as we've had here in Québec City. This morning started out with a windchill warning; -35F no less! The wind's been howling around all day, like the wolf trying to blow the little pig's house down. At 11:00p.m., it's still howling with a windchill of -26F.


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