Friday, November 06, 2015

Autumn Light

Autumn brings the beauty of pied colour, but also shortening days, morning frost and a change in the quality of sunlight. Even on a clear day, one senses the retreat of the sun in its diluted rays. Darkness comes too soon in the afternoon, and lingers too long in the morning.

In this northern city of Québec, the sun does get a bit of reinforcement on clear, sub-zero winter days, when its rays reflect off the snow, dazzling light-hungry eyes, giving the illusion of warmth. It is an illusion, but one that recalls the true warmth of summer, giving us a smile and a hope.

                                  Winter Hearts
                             Winter hearts fear not
                             The death of leaves
                             Nor the prophecies
                             Of ice and snow.
                             Winter hearts believe
                             In Spring.

                                      Kathleen Chabot