Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Come in out of the Cold and Watch a Dog Show

Don't I wish this were me having coffee with a friend in the sun! I did brave the cold to have breakfast with a good friend yesterday, and today is sunny indeed, so I won't complain.
I read an illustrated online NY Times story today, on the Westminster Dog Show, held yesterday. Those pooches are better coiffed and dressed than is legal! Pampered, pompadoured, brushed to within an inch of their little lives, they are!
Guess who was best Dog of the show, Dog on a pedestal above all breeds? Harry, or Ch. Hobergays Fineus Fogg. He is a Dandie Dinmont terrier from New Zealand, partly owned by Bill Cosby. Yes, THE Bill Cosby. Harry, by the way, was the only Dandie Dinmore in the show. Could that have something to do with the fact that Harry won 57 best-in-shows in 2006? Did other DDs just give up, thinking the prize lost before the show started? Hmmm! Is it me, or does Harry look less than deliriously happy the photo?

Okay, now tell me where to read about a cat show! Let's see those pompous Persians and sneaky Siamese! But don't bring Harry, because the best-of-cat-show winner might eat him for lunch! Have a great day, everyone.


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