Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26 August Bared Room Re-dux

Marc, my very own Personal Space Designer, says he's coming this weekend, so I might have some new pics to put up next week. He's always so helpful, because he won't let me get away with excuses such as, "But I might use it someday", or "It seemed like a good buy at the time".
He's also trying to psych me into selling unused stuff on E-Bay. He sings a siren song that goes, "It'll be fun, you'll make money, and then you can buy other stuff, or save up for a trip, a new dress..."
We also have conversations that go;
Marc: "Mom, do you really, really, reeeally need this?"
Me: "Need is relative."
Marc: "But mom, you need more space. If you have no space, you can't get new things."
Me: "I'll figure something out."
Marc: "Mom, you have to have a rule; one thing in, one thing out."
Me: "Why?"
Is it beginning to sound as if we're at that stage of life where he's parenting me? Good grief! Adolescence Revisited! Wait'll he finds out I have a few doubles because I forgot I already had one.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25 August 2009--Baring

It’s not quite that dramatic, but since I couldn’t post these photos on the Inkstainers site, here they are for God and everyone who happens by to see. The pictures are views of my Reading/Computer/Stamping room, which used to have so many piles of books, stamp sets and Only-God-Knows-What-Else, that there was access to the computer at the back of the room by a narrow path through the mess.

Enter Marc, my DS2, who cleared half of the room for me by getting all the books on shelves, and shoving the rest to the other (stamping) side of the room. He’s currently working on designing me a crafting cornor, with room for all my stamps and accessories.

The first picture, you probably have guessed, is the cleared side of the room.

The others are the Cluttered Truth photos of the soon-to-be Stamping Nook. Soon-to-be sounds so much more positive then “present look”.

There, I hope I’ve made a lot of people feel virtuous and better about themselves. :)

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

11 August 2009--More Sonshine!

Today is a day of celebration! I’m celebrating the birth of my younger son, 43 today. Here he is at one, with an uncle of mine who was more brother and father than uncle to me. The contrast between this little one’s serious face and the smiling one of his brother in the previous post is indicative of their greatly different but amazing personalities.

Second Sonshine is an architect. In fact, he lives, breathes and, no doubt, dreams architecture. He’s also had a solo exhibit of his paintings, and another of his collage art (If you read this, son, it’s a mother’s prerogative to boast, so don’t groan). He’s decided to put all that expertise into drawing up plans for a crafting centre in my spare bedroom. I can’t wait to see the plans put into reality.

That serious look belies the kooky sense of humour we share. We love the cartoons in which Bugs Bunny meets a vampire, the one in which he meets up with a witch, and the one in which he does a “squarry dance” to thwart a couple of hillbillies determined to shorten his lifespan. We can recite the dialogue of each cartoon by heart.

I give thanks today for being blessed not once, but twice with exceptional sons, and also for the daughter-in-law and granddaughters, which Firstborn has brought into my life. My only concern is not being able to express how much I love them. If my hero-husband were alive, I know he’d agree with me.

Happy Birthday, Sonshine!

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