Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back from.....

I've been taking a break from card and ATC-making, so haven't been blogging, either. In fact, the "Java Jive" card is one I made in March of 2005. New ones to come, I promise!
Summer has finally arrived in Québec--the apartment pool opened last Saturday! There are several apartment buildings that share the pool, but very few people take advantage of it, which I certainly don't mind! It gives me the illusion of having my own luxurious spa.
I said summer has arrived; I should have said street repair season has arrived. Not just patch-the-hole repair, either. Nope, this is dig-up-the-whole-street-and-make-them-take-elaborate-detours repair. Of course, they don't work on side streets, only major thoroughfares. So quiet neighborhoods are suddenly not so quiet anymore, and have to put up with heavy traffic all summer. Oh, well, I've got the detours memorized now, and there's the pool to cool me off, and my balcony where the cats and I spend mornings comfortably reading and drinking iced coffee . No, silly, the cats don't drink coffee. Hmmmm! I think I hear an iced cappucino calling me right now. Have a great summer evening!