Sunday, August 19, 2007

Off On a Crusade!

I've been exploring different sites featured in the magazine, "Artful Blogging", a new publication by Stampington. At Michelle Ward's Green Pepper Press Street Team, I took up the "Crusade #11 Challenge", which is to put some "noise" on one's own site, and provide a link to it on GPP Street Team's site.
Oscar Peterson provides my joyful noise. Click on this link to hear Oscar attack the ivories:


michelle ward said...

kathleen - i couldn't find the link to your music...or couldn't hear it. does it autoplay or did i miss it? anyway, thanks for visiting the street team and for joining in the crusade.

steff said...

wow! this is really amazing! look at those fingers go! so glad to see someone new on the'll be addicted like me in no time!

Wenda said...

hmmm - i'm not getting anything except a repeat of the image in a new window ???

MezzoKat said...

Sorry, Wenda! You must have clicked onthe "Crusade 11" button. Blogger didn't keep my music with this post. I've amended the directions to read, " the top of the page," instead of ..."at the top."

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