Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Sing as I Breathe

Two more journal pages yesterday, on the theme of "Music". Yes, boys and girls, that's me singing in the lower left-hand cornor during a a recital I gave in 1979 for the benefit of a girls's club. I am possibly singing one of the pieces of music appearing on the blog pages.
I've sung ever since I could remember; while waiting at a bus stop with grandma, in department stores, skipping down a street... It was during one of my 5-year-old songfests at a bus stop with my gram that a passing voice teacher stopped and advised my grandmother to give me voice lessons when I reached 13. Gram remembered, and so I took voice lessons, taking part in contests, recitals and singing engagements, aiming at a career in opera.
But then I met a young man named Jean Chabot in Québec City in 1961, and we married in 1963. What was I doing in Québec? That's another couple of journal pages.
I didn't stop singing, however, just lowered my sights a little, and did participate in several Radio Canada television shows in the '70's, gave a few recitals, sang at weddings and funerals, and am now in the Ensemble Vocale André Martin. I still sing on the street and in stores, but it's discreet humming, not actual singing. There's always music running through my head. Where it comes from, I cannot say.


Wenda said...

i'm singing as i read your post!

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