Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Art Journal

I recently joined an Art Journalling group. The group is given a theme to interpret, and at right is my interpretation of the first theme, "Favourite Animal." Cats,naturally!
The pages on the left are my entry for theme #26, "Down the Road". There have been 26 challenges, so I decided that since I want to do all 26, I'd begin with the first and do the new ones as they come along. Does that make sense? If not, just consider the source!
This week's challenge--Down the Road--made me think of a picture I took of the wooded area nearby in which the city has created a walking path. Once in, I forget that city roads and cars are passing all around me. I'm in a secret world inhabited by chipmunks, exotic birds, and, perhaps, fairies.
This challenge also brought to mind Robert Frost's poems, "The Road Not Taken" and "Stopping by Woods". Since it's not winter, I choose the former poem. Frost makes us reflect on our own decisions, our own choices. They are what, "makes all the difference".


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