Saturday, August 11, 2007

When did I become a Porsche 911???

Frankly, I'd rather drive a Porsche than be one, but as fate would have it.... I visited a friend's blog and couldn't resist clicking on the "What Kind of Sports Car Are You?" link beneath the picture of her Sports Car Test. The closest I've been to a sports car was with a date who had one--never mind how many years ago--and in my Uncle Jack's Karmann-Ghia, equally long ago. What do I drive? An aqua 1994 Honda Civic Hatchback, maintained in excellent condition--okay, it needs major rust removal, but it cornors with style, and life is all about how well one handles in the cornors!
Oh, yes, to see me as a sleek, low-slung Porsche, you have to scroll aaaaaaall the way to the bottom of this blog. Sorry, but my efforts to make this layout do what I want are usually unsuccessful.


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