Friday, June 26, 2009

26 June 2009 Last Day of Class!

Two of my students were absent, but the other four and I celebrated the end of their English classes, the lovely sunny day, and St. John the Baptist's Feast Day, which is the Québec equivalent of Canada Day and the U.S. Independance Day. The classes were given at the students' workplace, one of the many huge Desjardins Insurance/Banking buildings, on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River.

One of Québec City's charming sidewalk cafés, across from the Québec/Lévis ferry dock. I was waiting for a taxi, which should have been waiting for me. We have a contract with a taxi company here and in Lévis, but somehow, the dispatchers manage to ignore it!

Here's another of my delightful companions; Fripon, Rascal's brother. His eyes are not fluorescent green, but truly are a lovely Shamrock colour. He's waiting for me to resume knitting, so he can try to catch the moving yarn. I've done quite a bit on the fifth square of the Aran Afghan. Only 19 more to go, not counting this one!


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