Sunday, May 11, 2008

11 May 2008 A walk on the semi-wild side

I took a walk on the path, maintained by the city, through a wooded area about two blocks from my apartment building. It was sunny, a little windy, a great time to check out the signs of winter's end and springs renewal.
Snow piled up by snow throwers takes longer to melt. Next to entrance to Boisé des Compagnons, (Compagnons Woods), named for the school just to the left of this snow bank.

Sign at entrance to boisé, with map of path.

Poems someone attached to the entrance sign. If you understand French, clicking on the picture will give you a readable enlargement.

Cars on the road just beyond the woods reveal that we're in the middle of a city.

Not dandelions, but some variety of woodland flower.

Entrance to Path.

Where once piled snow, now lies a temporary pond where tadpoles and, alas, mosquitoes grow.

More early woodland blooms.

What will emerge from this corolla?

A small connifer made it through the winter.

What a wind, to have ripped this tree up by the roots!

Baby connifers. In fifteen to twenty years, they'll be a mighty forest. That is, they would, but the city will probably clear some of them out, to maintain the path.

The ghost of a leaf.

More wind damage.

We're halfway through the path!

The woods renews itself.

The end of the trail; back to the beginning. I hope to be able to show you some animal life later. There are usually squirrels or chipmunks, and once, I saw a hawk.


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