Thursday, May 08, 2008

8 May 2008 Back in the Groove

I haven't knit since 3 March, the day of my first cataract surgery. Didn't make many cards, either. I definitely wanted to do everything I could to have the best results possible, which meant staying inside for a week, no bending over, and knitting and card-making definitely call for bending the head!
The doctor's efforts, as well as mine and my family's, seem to have paid off. I go back 6 June for the final exam and prescription for glasses. It seems I won't need more than reading glasses--hooray! At least, I hope that's what the Doc will say.
At any rate, it's good to be able to go out in the sun which has been with us the past few days. I've taken up my knitting needles again, and am continuing my Aran Afghan squares. Back to stamping, too. Here are two cards, one in response to a sketch and Dahlia Fold challenge on Ink Stainers, the other a Mother's Day card which gave me a chance to make more Dahlias.

Unfortunately, rain is predicted for the weekend, which might put a crimp on some Mother's Day celebrations. Since neither of my children or my two grandchildren live nearby, rain or sun won't make a difference to my weekend. Thanks to phones and e-mail, we can still stay in touch on The Day.


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