Monday, May 12, 2008

12 May 2008 SoloTea Party

There' s nothing--well, almost nothing--like a cuppa after a satisfying knitting session. Not that I knit these 2½ squares at one sitting! They are the beginning of an Afghan composed of 20 squares, all of which are challenging. It's not the difficulty of the stitches, but the attention required. Plus, the instructions in the partly finished square neglected to mention that the right or left twists on the right side of the pattern must become left or right twists on the left side, and also knit in the opposite direction. Are you lost? so was I for awhile. I'm sure most others would have figured this out right away, but...!
The issues of Knitter's Magazine in which the instructions were given begin with the Winter 2002 issue, and finally got around to starting the Afghan this winter. I stopped on 3 March, the date of my first cataract operation, and took up the third square again when the critical period after my second operation was up

This square is called "Bugs and Hugs", by designer Judy Sumner of Knoxville, TN. A spider is visible on the left, and one bug on the lower left (the lump in the middle of the lattice pattern). The hugs are on the left and right sides, in the form of more or less discernable x's.

The second square is composed of a "serpentine" cable and Aran Diamond & Cable patterns. The designer is Julie H. Levy of Stuart, FL.

The square under construction is designed by Marian Tabler of Cincinnati, OH. It'll go faster now that I've figured out about the differing left-side twists and direction.
In case you're wondering about the little jewels marking the stitch patterns, they're examples of some beautiful markers from Debra's Garden Web Store. Whether you're an avid knitter or not, it's worth checking out her site, just to see her lovely creations. The web address is:

Now, back to that cup of tea and tasty treats! Maybe you'll join me?


1 Crafty Gal said...

OMG that quilt is going to be so gorgeous! I would love to learn to knit!

Sharon said...

This afghan will be so cozy on those long Quebec, cold winter nights! Lovely knitting!
(aka celticrafter)

Sharon said...

Kathleen - I forgot to add:
The only way to have a good cup of tea is in a "princess cup", as my DD used to call pretty china teacups. LOL

(aka celticrafter)

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