Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27 2008 If you can't beat Mother Nature...

The first poem was written when I was in high school in Oklahoma, before I knew what winter really was. The second was written after having lived several years in Québec. It won a prize.

The sky shakes her pillowcase
And lets fall frigid feathers.
Swiftly swirling,

They smother the earth

In silent, deceptive softness.

Final Irony

With frozen lips
The sky kisses its hue
Onto the snow.
Beneath the crust
His face is also blue,
Only three feet
From the door.

Did you guess that it's snowing profusely today?

This card was the answer to an Inkstainers challenge to use a technique new to us. I used Brayered Batik, which I found on the Split Coast Stampers website. Here's the address:


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