Friday, March 28, 2008

28 March 2008 No More Wisdom!

Hope this picture doesn't scare anyone. When I saw this face in the mirror, it was a shock. The swollen right cheek is due to the extraction of a wisdom tooth yesterday morning. It took two dentists to remove it. I spent yesterday taking Tylenol and periodically putting an ice pack on the cheek. Also, I could barely open my mouth (no smart remarks, please!), so the only thing I managed to eat was soup and yougourt. No, not together.
I still look like this today, still taking Tylenol and ice packing. Okay, Pity Party is over.

This card is my answer to the Inkstainers challenge for this week. The card was to have at least two flowers and something metallic on it.


Diane said...

oh boy, feel better soon!!! I love the card.

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