Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25 2008 Easter???

The scenery was more Christmas than Easter this Sunday, but the longer days provide the evidence that this was Easter and spring, in spite of the 400+cm of snow. It was cold, too, but the sun was out and the air smelled earthy, although there's no bare earth to be seen.
The photo at top right is the house I lived in with my husband and children until the kids moved out and Jean died. Glad I don't have to live behind all that snow!
The photo beneath is the short-cut path from my apartment to the mini-mall street. The banks are higher than they seem. I don't mind the snow, especially now that the sun doesn't go down until almost 7:00p.m.

On to more cheerful subjects! The cards were made to meet weekly challenges on the Inkstainers site.
The purple card with bunny met the multiple fold challenge.

The Japanese lady was for the panel challenge. The "Childhood Dreams" card required participants to go to their most neglected drawer, take three objects and make a card.
The "Forever" card was a "Use a photo on a card" challenge, and I chose a wedding photo of my maternal grandparents.

The Easter card required printed paper, ribbon, and 3 embellishments. The froggies satisfied a masking challenge, and the last card had to have both front and back stamped or otherwise decorated.


cindy said...

wow Kathleen I have not seen snow like that since I was a child. I do remember having the snow up to the top of the roof of the garage growing up. We made wonderful forts with tunnels and such. Thanks for the memories.ki

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