Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15 April 2008 Spring Fever

Making eight copies of the little spring truck ATC put me in the mood for making a spring-themed card. The warm sun and green grass creeping out from the edges of finally-melting snowbanks helped the mood along.
Here, we usually skip spring and go directly from winter to summer. As long as there's snow on the ground, there's a sharpness in the air, in spite of the mild 40+ temps. As soon as the snow disappears, the temps rise and soon, we're complaining about the unendurable humidity rising from the St. Lawrence. People! Go figure! If God had a head, he'd be constantly shaking it, trying to figure out how to satisfy his sons and daughters.
The blues in the card remind me of endless, cloudless skies that stretch in a protective bowl over me as I bask in the sun on my balcony with "the boys", Rascal and Fripon. Soon, the days of breakfast outdoors will be here. Can't wait! Remind me of this post if I complain of heat in the months to come.


cindy said...

Kathleen your work is adorable. I also love your writing. It is a great descriptive read!

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