Wednesday, April 16, 2008

16 April 2008 More Spring!

Rascal and Fripon, bless their kitty hearts, have found bliss on the balcony. Their needs are simple; give them fresh water, plenty of their favourite kibble, the treat of some "wet" (canned) food once in a while, and several cozy nooks in which to sleep and dream, and their happy. Add in a sunny balcony with no snow, and they're in kitty paradise. They cautiously sniff the air as they stand at the open balcony door, and on venturing out, immediately throw themselves down on the sun-warmed cement and roll back and forth, then rise and engage in some stretching exercises and sharpening of claws on the cement.
Here's another spring card, using the same technique as the April 7 entry.

These four ATCs are for a Four Seasons swap for ATC Artists.


Anonymous said...

I like your cards!


Heather Robinson said...

I am always so attracted by artwork depicting the four seasons. Lovely work....especially since the season of Spring is finally upon us! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.

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