Saturday, November 03, 2007

Reunions Rock!

I finally got back the film from my 50th High School reunion in Oklahoma City. Here I am with two of me with friends I hadn't seen since graduation. You know who you are!

I'm only putting up the best photos of the lot, but everyone in the other pictures was having just as much fun. Not their fault that I'm not a good photographer!
Would you believe that this was our very first high school class reunion? We all wished we'd hadn't waited 50 years to have our first.
The principal himself gave us the grand tour of the brand new McGuiness Catholic High School, and this is one of the many new classrooms. Only a little of the old building was incorporated into the new edifice. We were one of the first graduating classes in the then new Catholic High School, which opened in 1950. The "McGuiness" was added on later, to honor the Bishop McGuiness, who built our school.
We have something to smile about--friendship since childhood! Mary was in the class ahead of me, so wasn't at the reunion. I spent a couple of days at her home before moving on to the hotel where attendees from out of town stayed.


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Kathleen looks like you had a great time

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