Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm baa-aack! Sniffle, cough

I'm back from my Oklahoma travels, and am so glad I went to my 50th high school reunion! I don't know the exact count, but I think about 40 of us were there. It was so great to see how we had all matured and have had interesting, fruitful lives. It was also fun to see everyone surreptitiously eyeing the nametag of a person, then exclaim, "You haven't changed!". Right--that's why we only recognized each other after reading the nametags! But we must be excused; after all, most of us hadn't seen each other for 50 years.
After the farewell brunch on Sunday, my best bud from college picked me up and we drove to her home in Stillwater (home of OSU), where I stayed for two weeks. Cindy and I had lots of fun catching up, but didn't go out much, because the evening I arrived, I came down with what we thought was an allergic reaction, but turned out to be a virus. Naturally, I generously passed said V-attack on to Cindy--what are friends for? She had to stay home from work for most of my visit. We're both still battling the nasty virus.


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