Monday, October 22, 2007

Friendly Visit--I Hope!

Witch Hazel dropped in for a visit today.

Rascal and Fripon weren't impressed. But then, it takes a lot to impress cats.
Witch Hazel used to delight in scaring the neighborhood kiddies when they cam for Trick or Treat night. The kiddies don't do my apartment building, so wicked WH has no more Halloween fun. Hmmm! Maybe she should go around ringing doorbells this Halloween.


carlene federer said...

thanx for stopping by my blog...just noticed from your profile that we're both Gemini's born in the year of the rabbit...way cool!

michelle ward said...

yikes! just kidding....i used to love when neighborhood moms were dressed up when we'd go trick-or-treating. you were one of THOSE.
and TWO black kitties? i have one too!

PocketSize said...

She looks like a fun gal! My mom was in her witchy glory to give out candy this year. It's such fun!

Loudlife said...

Oooh! Witch Hazel's look is fab!


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