Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring has come unsprung

Winter just loves Québec! To prove it, he's given us a temp of 0°F this morning, with a windchill factor of -24°! I'll have to venture out, though, to mail some swaps. I'm telling myself it'll be invigorating.

I finally found the "lost" cards for my ink-stains Easter swap. Of course, they only turned up after I'd made another, different set. I don't mind, though, because now I'm ahead on the cards I'll send. The bunnies at tea are the ones for the swap. I usually try to make cards more in keeping with the character of the holiday, but discovered I only had greeting stamps, no truly Easter images. An excuse to stamp-shop!

What you see peeking out behind the bunnies' shoulders is the same greeting as on the second card. The top par of the PSX Bunny Tea stamped image has been painstakingly cut out. Some crookedness to this set, but given my talent for calculating and measuring, I'm surprised it turned out as good as it did.

Keep warm, and have a good afternoon.


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