Friday, March 02, 2007

...and the storm rages on!

My day of card-making got side-tracked! I was going to finish the last card for a swap I'm in, and couldn't find the two finished and one unfinished cards! I had run out of gold paper I needed for one of the card-front layers, so had put the cards aside. Now I have the paper, but where are the cards! This happens every time I put something in a safe place so I won't lose whatever it is. I have to find them before I have to cancel from the swap. Remake all of them? They're a little too complicated to do all over. Sigh!
Meanwhile, the blizzard is still going strong, much stronger than this morning. It's impressive to watch, but I pity those who have to brave it. Whiteouts have been occuring, and I can hear the snowplows roaring around, trying to keep ahead of the drifts.

I finally got one card made, as you can see. It's for this week's ink-stains (online stamping group I belong to) challenge. We're to use a stamp we have but have never used, and put ribbon on it somewhere.

Gotta go look for the missing swap cards. Have a great evening, everyone.


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