Wednesday, January 31, 2007

24 December 2006

Chocolate! Did someone say chocolate? Chocolate is in the air, chocolate is on the table, chocolate is in gift packages from the neighbors. There's a kind which seems traditional at this time of year. Little oblong chocolates wrapped in coloured foil and fringed at the ends. They resemble tiny Christmas Crackers. Inside, nuts, unctious chocolate filling, coconut, etc. I've saved quite a few of these wrappers for ATC-making. At every home one visits, there's a dish of these little chocolates to pass around.
Today, walking the winding streets, we found a hot Chestnut vendor and each got a newspaper-wrapped cone. My first time eating this delight--delicious!
We walk everywhere, because there are virtually no places to park a car and run in to a store. My son rents a space for his car in a garage not too far from the house, and there it stays, unless the distance is too great. One day this week, some not-too-brilliant person parked a car in front of our house. When the garbage truck came by, the driver honked for some time, then gave up. He got out of the truck, moved the car as far as he could onto the sidewalk (yes, moved it with no instrumental help), then drove on by, scraping the car in passing.
To all a Merry Christmas!


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