Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Over the Rooftops and Into Tomorrow

 The wind has finally run out of breath and left. The weatherman promises the weekend will be sunny, but that's a few days away, and I need some sun now. I dug out this card I made a few years ago, because it makes me feel like summer inside.

When I was a child, my backyard swing was a magic carpet. I could touch the clouds or treetops with my toes or fly over the house. Some years ago, watching my granddaughters on their swings, memories of magical swinging were brought vividly back to me, and inspired the poem on this card.
The stamps  are all from the same company, but as they are unmounted with no name attached, I can't recall whose they are. If anyone recognizes the images, please let me know.


Sharon said...

Great card - love the image. And I like the little "poem" you have done!

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