Monday, June 20, 2011

Nature's Chef

 The summer solstice is fast approaching, and yet the season has just begun here. The golden days of summer slip through our fingers faster than our youth.
Fripon, on the chaise longue, and Rascal, sunbathing, take advantage of every moment of these lazy days. I follow their example and spend as much time as possible outdoors. Breakfast on my balcony is a special treat in summer. There's a special quiet in the morning, a morning peace, broken only by birdsong, and, occasionally, the garbage truck.
I dug out a poem I wrote in the days when I was almost as young as morning:

Nature’s Chef

Summer takes each
Fresh new day and
Toasts it golden brown,
Then cools it
With the breath of night,
Serves it on platters
Of memory.


Chris / CS Designs said...

Kathleen, Now these are nice and relaxing, makes you want to be a bit lazy yourself.
:) Chris / CS Designs

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