Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26 August Bared Room Re-dux

Marc, my very own Personal Space Designer, says he's coming this weekend, so I might have some new pics to put up next week. He's always so helpful, because he won't let me get away with excuses such as, "But I might use it someday", or "It seemed like a good buy at the time".
He's also trying to psych me into selling unused stuff on E-Bay. He sings a siren song that goes, "It'll be fun, you'll make money, and then you can buy other stuff, or save up for a trip, a new dress..."
We also have conversations that go;
Marc: "Mom, do you really, really, reeeally need this?"
Me: "Need is relative."
Marc: "But mom, you need more space. If you have no space, you can't get new things."
Me: "I'll figure something out."
Marc: "Mom, you have to have a rule; one thing in, one thing out."
Me: "Why?"
Is it beginning to sound as if we're at that stage of life where he's parenting me? Good grief! Adolescence Revisited! Wait'll he finds out I have a few doubles because I forgot I already had one.

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