Tuesday, January 08, 2008

If There's Rain, Can Spring Be Far Behind?

To answer the headline question, yes! Far, far behind! For three days now, we've had low temps--30's!--plus Jack The Ripper fogs at night, so thick they precipitate. When I venture out in daytime, it's like walking in an imaginary land where all is muted, no hard edges. Headlights of cars disperse, unable to pierce adequately the clinging mist.
But all this is not a harbinger of an early spring. Oh, no, not for us hardy too-far-northerners! Never fear, snow will come again. This is just a respite, and a chance to let those 8-foot snow banks melt a little. I do not exaggerate about the 8 feet. Admittedly, they're that tall because of the trusty snowblowers, clearing streets and filling lawns. Soon, the thermometer will
plunge and more snowstorms will come.
Below, two cards made for Ink Stainers challenges.


Maggie R said...

You are right about the weather... Sure has been weird all over the world.
We are in a cold spell right now, bur not a whole lot of snow.
BTW I thought your cards for Valentine's were so sweet....
Take care and stay warm..

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