Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Storms and Treats

As I type this, the delightful odor of Real Lavender is wafting upwards as a delicate little Aromatherapy Lady dangles from my neck. She seems quite comfortable there.
The Doll Pin is precious! The are from an order I placed to Sandy on her blogsite, Art Tea Life. http://arttealife.blogspot.com/
These treasures came in boxes which were themselves artwork. I almost---almost decided not to open them. But I decided that I could use them to decorate a shelf or my desk. Wonderful work!
Sandy included a surprise of packets of tea and Ghirardelli chocolates! What can I say about these unexpected extras but, "Yummmm!" How did she know that a friend just gave me a mug decorated all over with the Ghirardelli logo and labels? At teatime, what a party I'll have with my furkids Rascal and Fripon . I'll have some hot chocolate in my Ghirardeli cup, and munch (delicately) on a matching chocolate. No doubt I will then purr like the cats when they get an unexpected treat.

It will be especially cozy to curl up with chocolate, cats, pin and aromatherapy, since we had a snowstorm yesterday that began in the wee hours of the morning and ended in the midnight hours. The streets around here are passable, but not completely cleared. The snowplows have been going since yesterday morning, and are still huffing around. I measured, and there are13 inches of snow piled up on my balcony. When I lived in Oklahoma, such a snowfall would have been unimaginable for me.
These are the first pictures taken with my new digital camera. I'm surprised they turned out so well, but I will have to learn how to take a closeup of small things.
I've also learned how to add a You tube video to my post, so I hope you enjoy "The Voice" by Celic Women


One Crabapple said...

When I was here the other day , this was not showing up for some reason. Probably Blogger had not updated yet ? Well I see it now ! thank you for showing it off ! I see that her little flower got kinda squashed in the box. Sorry about that ! I always wonder how they fare on the journey to a new home.

You must be freezing ! i keep hearing about the snow and ice everyone is getting. Wow! BIG BIG WOW , I can't even imagine ! I hope you are toasty inside as much as possible working on art and sipping hot chocolate !

I loved the UTUBE video and happened to catch The Celtic Women two weeks ago on KCET- Beautiful ! Thank you for the YOUTUBE now I can bookmark to it.

Love, S.

ps stay safe ! and warm .

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